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First Name Joan
Last Name Axten-Cutter
Country United States
Welcome to my world of abstract. Impressions,Art by Joan, sprinkled with some still life pieces, maintaining some reality of the norm. I am thrilled and humbled that you paused awhile to view some of my works. All of my works (not counting of course the reality stills) are inspired only by, the spontanaity of the moment.. many done in the quiet of the midnight when often, instinct drives me to paint, reversing the busy brainwaves into a deep, peaceful tranquility when for a season the mind is instantly relaxed,thinking only of the canvas and how in a momentary void it will be filled. I hope you will enjoy viewing my art as much as I enjoyed creating it. I am encouraged to hope, that through your support.. my art will flourish. My world has never been simply black and white ..colour is a passion...part of my imagination, where colours and fantasies await their birth in a space or corner of reality. I enjoy using texture as a visual on many but not all of my acrylics and water paintings. I love and use all mediums oil,acrylic,some pastel and oil pastel, Windsor Newton oils and acrylics are some of my personal favourites: All of my artwork is original one of a kind..signed and dated by the artist.. prints available. ....My art is birthed by a thought... an emotion.. a sadness... a joy... a wound, this is why abstract is my personal favourite, it can never be copied, duplicated by the brush!! It is painted as a emotion...a passion... a fleeting whim of the moment when the artist is able, to show the expression...impression of their innermost soul and one is left to I see... what she thought ..what she felt??.. ,Although my abstracts are born within me and I received no continued formal training in the field of art I did decide to pursue some lessons briefly under Teresa Gallupe a, talented artist born in Italy and also studied under Marcial Cunio for two years ...we maintain an artistic relationship but more so a friendship cultivated by a tremendous respect for his talent and gratitude for his guidance and teaching ;.born and raised in the Philippines, his background in art is impressive. I feel privileged to have studied under his masters expertise. My spelling may be different than your own, using the old English, as I was born and raised in England.

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