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Price, USD  Contact Seller / Artist
Status  For sale, check
Seller  Russian Art Gallery
Size, cm  135.0 x 86.0 cm /switch
Year made  1998-01-01
Edition  Original
Style   Traditional
Theme   History
Media   Oil on canvas
Clay / Ceramic
Collection   Russian Winter
Golden names of Russia 3
Main attractive centre of Pushkin reserve is the village Mikhailovskoje - the former patrimonial manor of Gannibal-Pushkins. In 1742 empress Elisaveta Petrovna presented these lands to the A. P. Gannibal. After the death of A. P. Gannibal the part of these lands passed to the Pushkin's grandfather, who in the end of the 18th century founded here a small village. The manor with the house and services is located on a hill, above the river Sorot. From the southern part the park turned into pine wood adjoins to the manor, from a slope of a hill the magnificent view to the river Sorot and a wide valley with the lake Kuchane opens. Behind this lake there is the Petrovsky park.

The ancient Gannibal's house, in which A. S. Pushkin lived, was not survived, but was restored, the basic museum exposition is concentrated here. The exposition presents the history of Mikhailovskoje, the documents, the old maps and other exhibits. There are the Pushkin's study restored in its initial shape, the rooms of his nurse and his parents.

The house of the nurse.
Near the house-museum to the left there is the wooden anex known under a name "the house of the nurse". To the other side from the house there are the kitchen, the house for servants and the house of the manager. These constructions were restored and repeat their former shape.

The Michailovsky park was the Pushkin's favourite place for walks. Through all the park the wide fur-tree avenue served earlier as an entrance to the manor passes. There are several two-hundred-year-old trees, in 1947 on a place of the lost trees the employees of the reserve planted the new, which already have grown. At the end of the avenue the chapel of the Gannibal-Pushkins family is located. Near the fur-tree avenue behind a small pond one of the most beautiful avenues saved to our times - the lime avenue is placed. In the park there are the ponds. On one of them there is the Pushkin's favourite place - "an Island of a solitude", here the old bridges, arbours and paths are restored.

The small beautiful lake Malenets, located in the western part of the manor and surrounded by a pine wood, was beloved by Pushkin, too. Today its nature was not changed. All the same as in Pushkin's time, the wall of the wood reflects in quiet surface of the lake, and the flocks of wild ducks quietly float at very coast.
Here is the list of quite similar items to the current piece of art. It combines: Realism style; Landscape theme; Clay / Ceramic media;
by Norman
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