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Name  Lilies and pistol
Price, USD  Contact Seller / Artist
Status  For sale, check
Seller  Russian Art Gallery
Size, cm  80.0 x 40.0 cm /switch
Artist   Anokhin, Nikolai
Year made  1998-01-01
Edition  Original
Style   Realism
Theme   Still life
Media   Oil on canvas
Collection   Golden names of Russia
Nikolai Anokhin works in the style of Russian Academical painting. So you cannot call this style realism. There are only a few artist in Russia who achived the same glory and respect like Nikolai. In this Gallery you can find different works that we are proud to present.

There is nothing to say about this artwork. it is a real wonder created by the great and one of the most honoured living artists of Russia.

Contact us for the price of this unique artwork.
If the price for the artwork is out of your budget, feel free to make an offer. We will contact you as soon as possible and try our best to find the consensus.

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