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Name  Polenovo. Oka river
Price, USD  1000.00
Status  For sale, check
Seller  Russian Art Gallery
Size, cm  43.0 x 22.0 cm /switch
Artist  Evgeniy USTINOV
Year made  2003-01-01
Edition  Original
Style   Realism
Theme   Landscape
Media   Oil on canvasboard
Collection   Golden names of Russia 3
Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov was born on the 20th of May (2nd of June), 1844 in St.Petersburg in a well-educated noble family. His farther - Dmitry Vasilievich Polenov (1806-1878), a diplomat, was a passionate lover of archaeology and bibliography. His mother - Maria Alexeevna Polenova (1816-1895), born Voyeikova, grand daughter of architector N.A.Lvov, was a children's writer and a talented painter.

The parents kept their children busy and encouraged their exercise in science and arts. Eventually two of the five children became painters. The first lessons of drawing and painting were taught by Maria Alexeevna, then she was replaced by a student of the Academy of Arts, P.P.Chistyakov, who later became a famous artist and teacher. In the 1860-ies Vasily Dmitrievich studied in two places in St.Petersburg - in the University and Academy of Arts. In spring of 1971 he graduated from the University with a degree of the Candidate of Law.

In Autumn of 1871 for the painting "Resurrection of Jair's Daughter" V.D.Polenov received the most honorary prize of the Academy of Arts - Big Golden Medal. He was also awarded a 6 years' trip to Europe on the Academy's account. During this trip Polenov tried all genres of painting, including the work in the open air, which resulted in a vast amount of studies showing completely new subjects and resolving complex compositions. "Polenov's "Moscow Courtyard", "Granny's Yard", "Grey day" and other landscapes brought newness, freshness, truth, refined musical lyricism and distinguished technique to the exhibitions of the mid 70-ies" - Ostroukhov wrote those days. Polenov appeared as a founder of new genre of painting - lyrical landscape.

Another project, which took a lot of time and effort from Polenov, was his series "From the life of Christ". He tried to show not only Christ of the future but Christ living in the world with people". Polenov created over fifty paintings on the themes from the Gospels. With an intent to achieve authenticity Polenov travelled to Syria, Egypt and Palestine to bring natural material, notes and costumes.

80-ies were a pick of Polenov's artistic and teaching activities. He was teaching in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture for 12 years and brought up a generation of the first-class painters, such as I.Levitan, K.Korovin, I.Ostroukhov, A.Arkhipov, S.Ivanov.

Music was also an important part of Polenov's life. Having no special training, he composed operas and romances, organised domestic musical parties.

Construction of an estate on the picturesque bank of the Oka river allowed to reveal other sides of Polenov's diversified talent and tireless nature. He was painting, composing music, planting trees in the park, making a dam and building boats.

With hustling energy Polenov tackled the problems of children's education in the area. He built two schools in the adjacent villages. And his last big project in the 20-ies was also devoted to children. It was called Diorama or a "magic lantern" - a serious of double pictures presenting a trip around the world, which were greatly enjoyed by children.

Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov died on the 18th of July 1927 in the age of 83. In 1926 he was awarded an honourable title of the People's Artist of Russia. He was buried on the high bank of the Oka river in a simple cemetery of the Byekhovo village. In 1906 Polenov wrote in his artistic will: "The death of a person, who managed to fulfil some of his plans, is a natural event, far from being sad, but joyful and normal. It is a desired rest, peace of non-existence, while the "being" stays and transforms into all what a person had created".

The estate occupies 14.1 hectares with 17 memorial buildings, designed by V.D.Polenov in the end of the 19th - start of the 20th c., and the park - another Polenov's child, as most pine trees were planted with his own hands. The park was treated very specially in the family - like an alive creature. And all nature was treated with the same care. Time spared the estate: in its essentials it has changed very little since. Polenov chose the place for construction as if he new how the estate would look past many years. And he was lucky to see everything perfectly built in a few years' time. The view of such beauty could hardly be found in Russia.

A pine alley, starting from two stone columns, guides the visitors to the entrance of the estate. This alley was the first to be planted on a former rye field. Traditionally landowners arranged lime and birch alleys. But Polenov decided to use pines, something to remind his native North. He was right to decide that pines would grow well and fast on the sand and in the open space.

Right in front of the gates stands the Abbey all in greenery. On the right of the Abbey, across from the Big House under large birch trees, Polenov built a little cottage for children. A road goes from the centre of the estate down to the Oka river, passing by stone tiled columns, marking the northern entrance to the estate. The estate is surrounded by a decorative fence made out of local limestone, which reminded Polenov of his hometown Vel. The unique memorial park is carefully looked after. Every year old trees are cut down for sanitary and landscape purposes and new ones planted. This is also Polenov's tradition as he tried all his best to add beauty to the world around him.
The collection of works made by hands of the best Russian artists.
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