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Name  Mirrored Masks, Nose to Nose
Price, USD  1595.00
Status  For sale, available
Size, cm  142.2 x 71.1 cm /switch
Artist  Polly Norman
Year made  2004-06-20
Edition  Original
Style   Abstract
Abstract Expressionism
Pop Art
Social Realism
Magic Realism
Lyrical Realism
Theme   Animals
Still life
Media   Oil
Other media
Mixed Painting
Hand-painted gelatin silver print. Creating using artist's unique process: Photographing set-up scene through Pennsylvania glass block, photo gram in the darkroom, painted with oils.

Image is matted in museum white with black frame. Limited edition prints also available for $695
A 20th century style of painting in which nonrepresentational lines, colors, shapes, and forms replace accurate visual depiction of objects, landscape, and figures. The subjects often stylized, blurred, repeated or broken down into basic forms so that it becomes unrecognizable. Intangible subjects such as thoughts, emotions, and time are often expressed in abstract art form.
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by Eventov
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Artwork that purports to represent what is seen; also called objective art.
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Referring to the principles of Greek and Roman art of antiquity with the emphasis on harmo...
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A European movement beginning in France. Gothic sculpture emerged c. 1200, Gothic painting...
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Meaning "rebirth" in French. Refers to Europe c. 1400-1600. Renaissance art which began in...
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A movement in European painting in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, charact...
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An eighteenth-century European style, originating in France. In reaction to the grandeur a...
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An art style which emphasizes the personal, emotional and dramatic through the use of exot...
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A European style of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Its elegant, balan...
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A decorative art movement that emerged in the late nineteenth century. Characterized by de...
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An art movement founded in France in the last third of the 19th century. Impressionist art...
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An art style developed in the late 19th century characterized by the incorporation of symb...
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Movement in painting, originating in New York City in the 1940s. It emphasized spontaneous...
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Design style prevalent during the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by a sleek use of straigh...
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An art movement of the early 20th century in which traditional adherence to realism and pr...
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An art style developed in Europe in the 1920's, characterized by using the subconscious as...
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An art style founded by Hans Arp in Zurich after WW1 which challenged the established cano...
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A figurative movement that emerged in the United States and Britain in the late 1960s and ...
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A style of art which seeks its inspiration from commercial art and items of mass culture (...
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The main features of postmodern style are nostalgia and retro, recycling earlier genres an...
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Social Realism is a form of naturalistic realism focusing specifically on social problems ...
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Magic Realism is deeply rooted in everyday reality, but has overtones of fantasy or wonder...
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Lyrical Realism is a form of realism focusing specifically on lyrical themes in art
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