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First Name Rekha
Last Name Rai
Born 2010-04-06
Country India

Date Of Birth: 6th April, 1950

Educational Qualifications:
· M.A (Economics),M.A (Hindi Literature),
· B.Ed
· Diploma of Fine Arts (Bombay Arts)


Solo Exhibitions:
· Allahabad Museum- 1992
· Lalit Kala Academy- a UP State run organization, Lucknow - 1994
· Hindustani Academy - a Govt. of India run organization, New Delhi-1996
· Nirala Art Gallery - an art gallery run by Allahabad University - 2003 & 2004
· Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat - Renowned Fine Arts School in Bangalore affiliated to Bangalore University - 2010

Participation in other Exhibitions
· Participation in Chitraguptasabha Art Exhibition.
· Participation in "Kriti 93" an art work collection of excellence organized
by North Central Zone Cultural Center, a Govt. of India setup where work
of an artist is selected for publication by a committee of eminent artists.
· Participation in Shristi Art Gallery, Lucknow.
· Participation in Amrit Mahotsav & PrayagMahotsav - 2005

Rekha Rai, an artist with a difference, cultivated art in herself thru her sustained, vigorous and diligent efforts whose first work in oil on a religious topic was immensely appreciated. This is an event which encouraged her and she started taking up topics of social problems, ethnic and status of women in society, human rights issues, nature and portraits. During her innumerable painting exhibitions, her works made an impact on the onlookers and it was a matter of interest among the masses and the media due to their theme and color combinations. Rekha succeeded in expressing intimate relationship between nature and life. In most of her works she has responded befittingly to the world around her or the she looks through society and life. Few of her works has an abstract denotation and expression and "SANGAM"- a work called confluence is an expression of life thru green leaves. Her imagination draws from village folk to higher strata of society. Her expression and understanding of society in social and economic terms are very well depicted. Rekha uses vibrant color combinations with innovative ideas and techniques which provide new dimensions to her works. She does not like to restrict herself to a particular field or school of art. She would portray her thoughts/imaginations the way it comes to her in a natural way and as such we find a blend of modern and classical art in one painting though generally her
works are classical art. No artist in particular has an influence in her works and she would not like to restrict herself to any boundary.Worli - a folk-art of Maharashtra state of India has an impact visible to us which was appreciably noticed in a state solo exhibition Her prowess thru pencil on sheet can
not be ignored when sketches and portraits are drawn where wrinkles and expressions on faces have remarkable impact on the onlookers. Rekha has intelligently tried watercolor, oil and pastel colors, the way it suits her depending on her imaginations.Madhubani - another form of folk art of Bihar state one of her favorite
subjects and her works are quite popular amongst art lovers. To encourage art, she is running a school by the name of "Tribhuvan School of Art"- for the benefit of females and children which is quite popular among the pupil and people of the area.

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An Indian Family.
by Rai
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A mother with her child.
by Rai
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A mother with her child.
by Rai
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A woman playing Sitar
by Rai
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