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First Name Victoria
Last Name Valjalo
Born 1955-02-22
Country Chile

I was born in Santiago, Chile in February 22 – 1955,  within a family of artists dedicated to music, so art and an artistic world where always related to me, and determined in part what I am.


Since very little my main interest was to draw, so I did this in every single piece of paper and notebook that I could find. My mother noticing it, did not hesitate and took me to drawing clases when I was 15 years old. I don’t know if she wanted me to learn, or stop me from drawing on the walls.


This took me without a doubt to study Art at the University of Chile as soon as I finished High School, where I had great teachers and masters, and found a path that amazed me.


In 1981 I left Chile and settled in the United States, where my two children were born:  Daniela and Sergio.


Currently I am single and my children are adults.


After 9 years in this country, I returned to Chile where I have lived since then and dedicated myself 100% to painting.


In 1996 I decided to go back to study at the University of Chile, getting my Bachelor of Art and specialize in painting.

During this second period of studying I got very close and interested into conceptual art and photography, without leaving oil painting.


Also during this time I traveled to Atacama Desert in the north of Chile, discovering amazing places that became the main theme of my paintings, giving me the feeling that my work was emerging into something new.

So I started traveling every year feeling the need to cross the desert and drive through it’s eternal and warm roads full of solitude and silence.

This energy filled my soul and gave me strength to keep developing my creativity which was manifesting in my work.



At the same time ( 1998 ) I started giving drawing and painting classes  at my art studio, which turned to be a very enriching experience.  Being in contact whith my students was not only to learn how to paint, but it turned to be a way of life .  It opened me to listen to others from another space and be grateful for sharing part of their lives with my own.




Over time ( 2003 – 04 ) my painting began to change from deserts to valleys filled with vines, orage trees and flowers, making landscapes inspired in the rural countryside of Chile.



Simultaneosly I resumed the study of human figure, which again took a turn in my work.

I found new forms,  lights,  volumes , subtleties that moved me very deep into the mistery of human expression.

Women with  grapes or flowers in their hair, anonimous figures that merge into silent atmospheres started to appear creating a soft and quiet way for me to express femininity.




During this current period the female figure is still the protagonist in my drawings and paintings , integrated with various elements I feel it has come to create a “fragmented realism” , a whole new work of art where each element is represented only by a small part of the observed reality.

Contact Griffith Art Gallery to view my original paintings on canvas.



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