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First Name Marta
Last Name Wiley

Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to bring such a renowned artist as Marta into our stable of renowned artist.  Griffith Art Gallery offers original paintings framed to perfection.  Contact Griffith Art Gallery at 205-985-7969 or e-mail

Growing up in Cajocan Mexico, Marta Wiley was surrounded by artistic and creative influences.  Tracing her talent to her grandmother an accomplished artist, the Mexican government referred to Marta as a "National Treasure".  Surrounded by the same natural and cultural beauty that inspired Diego Rivera and Freida Kahlo, Wiley expertly channels what she views and experiences onto her canvas.  Though her talent was nurtured by her family while she was young, Wiley's formal training began when she studied art, music, and philosophy at Magnet Prepartory School in Miami Florida.  Later, Wiley attended Los Angeles' Otis Parson School of Design, (now Otis College of Art and Design), on a full scholarship.

Wiley's work is globally collected and shows in museum shows as well as in top movies such as "Mission Impossible", "Along Came Polly", and others.

Wiley is prolific in her abilities to produce art in many mediums such as Original Paintings, Music, Books, apparel, as well as a host of other products.

Visit Griffith Art Gallery to enjoy her original Paintings. 

Canvas used for oil painting that is typically made of linen or cotton, stretched very tightly and tacked onto a wooden frame. Linen is considered far superior to the heavy cotton for a canvas.
Rachel's Heart
by Wiley
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The Chosen One
by Wiley
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Red Dress
by Wiley
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IMixed Painting.
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