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First Name Hilary J
Last Name England
Country United States
Hilary J. England has adopted elements of past artistic movements that she admires, as do all artists.  She invites and allows them to coexist in her paintings--they cohabitate harmoniously in her work, past and present mingling into a coherent and fluid artwork...

Hilary paints "mundane" yet essential excerpts of every day living in terms of landscapes, because there is such depth to even the most simple routines or passages through life.  These passages are the keys to her "secret place," her way through the looking glass into infinity.

She prefers to paint in a midway point through traditional and contemporary.  Hilary enjoys the classic feel of the craft of painting, yet chooses to go about that craft in whichever way she decides a subject will take shape, quite deliberately. She employs both traditional and innovative techniques, as well as a range of medium, including oil, mixed, gouache, pastel, pen and ink. 

Her artwork addresses the process of living, and our interpretation of beauty, the fleeting nature of it, and our imminent walk to death.  Hilary prefers to address the "here and now," and the majestic natural world, and our immediate place in it, even if it's just for a moment in time. 

She states: "I have always deeply admired the Impressionist movement, and so I utilize some of their ideals...I want my paintings to capture my 'impression,' my personal take on a scene, subject or situation.  I abhor 'photo' realism--if I want a photo, I'll take it with my Canon, and not labor over 'creating' a painting that looks like one...again, what copy machines and digital photography are for, in my opinion...I make my paintings as my interpretation, my 'twist.' "  Impressionism incorporates the quality of a sketch--the work is luminous, spontaneous, abbreviated, capturing a fleeting moment in time.

She admires the work of Post-Impressionist Modernism in that color and line quality must be expressive and belives that an artist's power to determine their palette (hues and tonal ranges) are a seminal element of creativity; she utilizes these tenets in all of her landscape, still life, portraiture, and even abstract series.

Hilary enjoys to mix a bit of both movement ideals, and throws in her own "spark" and interpretation, her expression of joy, ambiguity, nostalgia, sadness--whatever touches her about a particular subject she is working on.  --The Fine Art Review, 2005

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