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First Name Polly
Last Name Norman
Country United States



Architectural glass block is used as a unique filter photographer/painter, Polly Norman shoots her photographs through. These amorphic images are captured in black and white. On select pieces a second layer of images varying in translucencies is added and many are also hand colored. In this way, Norman combines her skills as a painter and photographer.

Inspired by dancers, her work in both photography and painting has been described as kinetic and "dancey." Rudimentary forms of dancers and their body parts or movement trails are apparent in Norman's works.

"Dances Through Glass-A 25-year Retrospective of Work by Photographer and Painter Polly Norman" is Norman's newly published book. In her book, Norman describes her struggle with manic depression and her passion for dance, both of which affect the way she creates her artwork.

Norman has won many accolades. Among them being a nominee for the 7th Annual International Black and White Spider Awards, London; Finalist for the Bush Artist Fellowships, St.Paul, Minnesota; Nominee for Abstract/Professional International Color Awards, Beverly Hills, California and Finalist for the McKnight Artist Fellowships for Photographers, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Her work is currently represented by Gallery 13 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Curly Tale Fine Art, Chicago, Illinois.

Norman's work was shown at Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc., Chelsea, New York in September, 2008. During the same month she accepted a contract offered by Hadley House Company, Fine Art Publishers and Norman's work was included in the 2008 issue of "The World's Greatest Black & White Photography," Volume No. 1, A collection of Photographs from the Spider Awards International Competition (454 images chosen from 13,000). 

In 2007, Norman's work was shown at the Tweed Museum in Duluth, Minnesota. In 2006 her work was included in the Fifth National Print Biennial, Katherine Nash Gallery (University of Minnesota).

Norman's work traveled to the "Pinyao International Photography Festival" Pinyao, China, Fall, 2006 and was purchased by "Museum Louvre It Or Leave It" in Minneapolis that same year. Polly was a finalist for the McKnight Foundation Photography Fellowship and is represented by Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis and Perfect Pear Gallery, Chicago.

Articles/Reviews about Norman's work have been published in many publications. Some of which include the "Arizona Republic" (Phoenix), Minneapolis Star-Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press Newspapers, "Metro Magazine" and "Edina Magazine" in Minneapolis/St. Paul (Minnesota), as well as the "Chicago Sun Times" and "New City" (Illinois).

Norman runs a photography/painting studio in the upper midwest, USA


Polly Norman 

Selected Exhibitions

2010: "In a Flurry" Solo show, C.T. Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010 & 2000: "Foot in the Door" Exhibition, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Mpls., MN
2010: "Splendor Through Glass" Gallery II, Phipp's Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI
2009: "No Time to Rest" Solo show, Gallery 13, Main Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
2008 "Abstractions" Solo Show Perfect Pear Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008: "Chiaroscuro Incarnations" Amsterdam Whitney, New York (Chelsea), NY
2007 & 2008: "Art Perchance" Mpls. Institute of Arts Museum, Minneapolis, MN
2007: Minnesota National Print Biennial, Tweed Museum, Duluth, MN
2007: "Looking Through" Solo Show Flanders Contemporary Art, Mpls, MN
2007: "Works in Motion" Solo Show, Perfect Pear Gallery, Chicago, IL
2006: "Pinyao Photography Festival" Pinyao, China
2006: National Print Biennial, Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Mpls
2006: "Choreographic" Minnesota Center for Photography (MCP), Mpls,
2006: "Linear Expressions" Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington, MN
2004-2006: "New Photography" ICEBOX (traveling show) Minneapolis, MN
2006: "L'Indispensable" Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN
2006: "Photocentric" MCP, Juror: Joan Rothfuss, Walker Art Center, Mpls
2005: "Apparent Abberance" The Phipp's Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI
2002-2005: "PHOTO BRAVO" MN Center for Photography, Mpls, MN
2004 "Affordable Art Fair" New York, New York
2004: "Print Biennial" Mesa Contemporary Arts, Mesa, Arizona
2004: "Photographic" Oasis Fine Arts Gallery, St. Cloud, MN
2003 & 2004 "Art on the Plains" Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND
2004: "Motion" ISQ#104 www,, New Jersey
2003: First Place & Purchased by curator Mpls Institute of Arts, Mtka, MN
2003: Best in Show, Northern Lights Art Competition, White Bear LK, MN
2002: "Five Minutes of Fame" Walker Art Center & McKnight Foundation
2002: "Windows" #402 Onliine Competiton NJ
2002: "New Works in Paint" Mesa Contemporary Arts, Mesa, AZ
2002: "Windows" ISQ#402 Imaginestation, New Jersey
1998-2007 "Fine Arts Exhibition" MN State Fair, St. Paul, MN
1997-2006 Womens Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM) Juried Exhibitions
1999-2001 Minnesota State Arts Board, VAFG, Minneapolis, MN
1994-1996 "Print Biennial" Westport Arts Center, Westport, CT

2009 Best of Show "Arts in Harmony" National Juried Show, Elk River, MN
2008 Northwestern Art Center, Minot, ND, National All Media Show
1998-2007 Awards of Merit-Excellence, Edina Art Center, Edina, MN
2004 McKnight Foundation Photography Fellowship Finalist, Mpls, MN
2004 MN Ass. of Gov.Communicators 23rd Northern Lights-Merit Award
2004 Exel Energy Corporation, Purchase Award, St. Paul, MN.
1997-2003 Best in Show-Exellence Phipp's Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI
2000-2001 "Arts in Harmony" National Juried Show, Elk River, MN
2000 pArts (Photographic Arts) "Lyn-Lake Photo Competition, Mpls, MN

Public Collections
2006 Museum "Louvre or Leave It" Minneapolis, MN
2004 The Minnesota Shubert Perfomring Arts & Education Center, Mpls., MN
2000 First National Bank, St. Paul, MN
2000 Reinhardt & Anderson, PA, Attorneys Office, St. Paul, MN

2008-2011 Hadley House Publishing Co. International, Fine Art Prints, Mpsl., MN
2009 "Signals" Catelog, Spring 2009, Fine Art Prints "Garden Party" collection
2008 "Art Acquisitor" Magazine Summer/Fall 2008 AW Gallery, New York
2007 "The World's Greatest B&W Photography," Basil Books, LTD
2007 "Liquid Art" Article, Metro Magazine, Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN
2007 "Four Photo Shows" Mary Abbe, Star-Tribune Newspaper, Mpls, MN
2006 "Underwater Rampage" Featured in ARTS section, Metro Magazine
2006 "Dancing Through Glass" PEOPLE Section, Edina Magazine, Edina,MN
2004 "Arizona Republic" Review of "Transferred" Mesa Gallery, Mesa, AZ
2003 "Pulse of the Twin Cities" Review of ICEBOX show, Mpls, MN
2003 "City Pages" Review of ICEBOX show, Mpls., MN
2003 Star-Tribune Newspaper, Review of State Fair Fine Arts, St. Paul, MN
2000-2009 Photographer for City of Edina quarterly publications, website
1996-2002 Photo illustration for "Dog Fancy" "Gun Dog" "Family Times"

2009-Currently Gallery 13, 800 LaSalle Court, Minneapolis, MN
2009-Currently Arleccina Gallery of Fine Art, Townes Square, Las Vegas, Nevada
2008-2009 Amsterdam-Whitney International Gallery, New York (Chelsea), NY
2002-Currently Gallery 360, Owner: Merry Beck, Minneapolis, MN
2004-2009 Flanders Contemporary Art, Doug Flanders, Mpls.(business closed 2009)
2006-2009 Perfect Pear Gallery/CT Gallery, Anita Jerman, Chicago, IL
2005-2008 Art Holdings, Inc. Leslie Palmer-Ross St. Louis Pk, MN

1998-2004 The Atelier School of Fine Art, Cyd Wicker, Director, Mpls, MN
2003-2005 College of Visual Arts-Maria Santiago-WARM Mentorship, MN
2002-2003 Minneapolis College of Art & Design-A. Rosenman, Mpls, MN

1989-2008 & Currently, Polly Norman Photography & Fine Art, Mpls, MN
1976-1980 Northwestern School of Nursing, RN Neonatal Intensive Care

*This resume contains highlights and is not a complete list of accomplishments. For more information, please log onto artist's website at:      



An art style which emphasizes the personal, emotional and dramatic through the use of exotic, literary or historical subject matter. A European movement of the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth century. In reaction to neoclassicism, it focused on emotion over reason, and on spontaneous expression. The subject matter was invested with drama and usually painted energetically in brilliant colors. Delacroix, Gericault, Turner, and Blake were Romantic artists.
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by Norman
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by Norman
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by Norman
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by Norman
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