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First Name Alexander
Last Name Smirnov A.
Country Russia
Alersander is a very interested artist who lives and works in the old Russian town of Kolomna.

The nature of native land and the history of Kolomna influenced Aleksander's creation. Looking at his artworks one can find the magic of colours in the small sketches he makes or the feiling of space and freedom in his beautiful landscapes.

Aleksander was lucky to be born in Kolomna. This is where he gets his inspiration from. Kolomna monestries and churcges, old houses of the XIX century, the Kolomna Kremlin, Oka-river and the atmosphere of calm and quiet will never leave you indefferent to this beauty.

Aleksander Smirnov is an artist of standing reputation not only in Russia but abroad as well.

The number of his artworks were bought by one of the dutch galleries.

This is why we invited Aleksander to become a member of the Gallery-Worldwide project and its Russian part in 2004.

We met for the first time with Alexander in his workshop in Kolomna. The kind, sympathetic man he made pleasant impression. There was a very good weather, there was a spring. And talking to him I felt warm.

When he began to show the artworks, I understood, that has met the man, whose inner life is very rich and beautiful. Still-lifes with wildflowers, etudes with old churches of Kolomna, landscapes with boundless fields of our lands - it carried away in the poetic world of the artist.

And more than that: I began to understand, that Smirnov was a real Russian man. The man who likes and appreciate native land, its towns and villages. I believe that without all this the sensation of life in an artwork is impossible. And you can never call one the artist if he doesn't feel like that.

I still recollect his etudes. Bright, cheerful, stirring like the sunny day or the blue sky. Alexander's landscapes with a road spoke about infinity of our open spaces and romantic inclination to travel. There was something that made me dream of the long journey and unknown lands.

Today all these artworks you can see in our Gallery. Certainly, you will like them. To the man unfamiliar with Russia, they will tell about our country. To Russian man artist's creation will be close on spirit and will touch the heart.
A style of painting which depicts subject matter (form, color, space) as it appears in actuality or ordinary visual experience without distortion or stylization. In a general sense, refers to objective representation. More specifically, a nineteenth century movement, especially in France, that rejected idealized academic styles in favor of everyday subjects. Daumier, Millet, and Courbet were realists.
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by Smirnov A.
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by Smirnov A.
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by Smirnov A.
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by Smirnov A.
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